The Power of Like – Generation Like

In the video Generation Like  we are introduced to and taught about the power that social media has on teens. These teens we learn about in the video all use different social media tools to receive likes and receive instant gratification from those likes. When these teens post a new profile picture or a new video… Continue reading The Power of Like – Generation Like

5th Grade Science – Standard 5.6

In the state of Virginia the science curriculum in the fifth grade focuses on selecting appropriate instruments for measuring and recording observations. Throughout the year more detailed concepts of light and sound are introduced, and knowledge of the key concepts of matter (atoms, molecules, elements, and compounds), organisms and cellular makeup, and oceans and Earths changing… Continue reading 5th Grade Science – Standard 5.6

Digital Media-Smithsonian Institution

For my Computers and Technology in the Classroom course I recently watched the video Digital Media-New Learners of the 21st Century. The video explored five very different learning programs and discussed how these schools utilized digital media in the classroom. One of the programs that the video explored was the Smithsonian Institution. Although all the programs… Continue reading Digital Media-Smithsonian Institution

Science for All – Blog to Follow

This summer I have decided to follow the Science for All blog. This blog really grabbed my attention because of the helpful tools and resources provided for all levels of science teaching. The purpose of Science for All is to share transitional teaching resources in the hopes to promote advanced thinking about effective science teaching and to… Continue reading Science for All – Blog to Follow