From Print to Pixel

“I feel that school in the future will refine the idea of technology in virtual, physical class, and the combination of the two. It would be cool to see that in 5 years, we use physical and electronic means of learning interchangeably.”

Male student, 11th grade, Maryland

In the article From Print to Pixel: The role of videos, games, animations and simulations within K-12 education we are presented with information regarding technology use in the classroom. The article demonstrates not only how prevalent technology is in today’s world but also how prevalent it is todays’s classrooms. In education these new learning platforms involve multi-media and multi-sensory content. We are provided with data on both student and teacher use of technology in schools. This data was all taken from the Speak Up organizations national findings of 2015.

“I think that schools will be completely paperless in 5 years. There will be a lot more online classes for younger generations. I think that a lot of learning children do will be through the medium of the Internet or interactive apps/games.”

Female student, 12th grade, Wisconsin

I really appreciated this article due to the countless examples of ways teachers can incorporate technology into their class as well as the views of students on technology incorporation. These examples were personally helpful to those who are new to teaching. As a fresh and new graduate student I am learning, in a lot of my classes, what makes an effective teacher. This article made me look at my prior definition of an effective teacher and include some aspects I never really judged. An effective teacher is not just someone who has the education of their students as their priority but also someone who takes the appropriate steps to provide that education.

In today’s education an effective teacher will be someone who incorporates technology appropriately into their lessons. In this article we covered the inclusion of interactive gaming, simulations, and videos into the classroom as specific tools to become an effective teacher.


46% of high school students use online textbooks

68% of teachers use online videos

Gaming:  65% grades K-2

59% grades 3-5

44% grades 6-8

31% grades 9-12

After reading this article, and being a part of this class, I have determined that it is inevitable that technology will be used in classrooms. As a teacher it is in our best interest to learn about these tools and embrace them in our classrooms and individual lessons. Students, as made known by the quotes and data in the article, are aware that the paper of “old school” education is being pushed out and technology is replacing it. To ensure that our students receive the best education we need to follow the progress of technology. I plan to do this by incorporating interactive games, simulations, and videos.

“I believe that school in five years will greatly depend on technology. For classes teacher will post videos and lectures before and after school to deepen the student’s learning and then discuss it during class. Through this students will be able to have a more in depth learning about the world because they will be reading and having interactive activities online.”

Female student, 9th grade, Texas



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