The Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

If You Can Google It, Why Teach It? 

In The Atlantic an article, written by Michael Godsey, gives you a teachers view on the advances in technology and the effect they may have on the traditional teacher. Godsey makes a point that in todays schools the teachers role is shifting from “content expert” to “curriculum facilitator.” A teacher becoming a facilitator or “guide on the side” means that the traditional roles of a teacher as an expert of the content will be replaced with the role of a guide through the factual knowledge that is widely accessible. Godsey also feels that the use of flipped classrooms, blended learning, project based learning, and self organized learning contribute to this role change from teacher to facilitator.

As I begin my masters program here at Marymount I have learned already about flipped classrooms and project based learning and feel that I would utilize these methods in my classroom when I become a teacher. Maybe my positive outlook on these methods and other technological tools is because I had no experience in the education world, as a teacher, without them. On the other hand there is really no way around these technological tools. There are an enormous number of resources for teachers now to the point where teachers can access lesson plans, worksheets, videos, and assessments. I learn about and how to use these resources because I feel that it is important to learn from others who have been through it already; they know what works well and I am trying to learn firstly what works.

Interesting Facts 

41% of Administrators – “pre-service teachers should learn how to set up a flipped classroom model before getting a teaching credential”

66% of Principals – “pre-service teachers should learn to create and use video and other digital media”

*statistics taken from   Project Tomorrows  2013 Survey 

Probably my favorite part of the article was the view on how classes will be taught 20 or 10 years from today. Godsey feels that in the next 20 years classes will be taught by a “super teacher” through a completely virtual class. With the use of footage of current events, excerpts from TedTalks, interactive games, and formal assessments students would learn the content necessary with the presence of a “tech.” The tech will take place of the traditional teacher and would only have the roles of ensuring the equipment works and the students behave. To so many of us this sounds crazy but with the technological advances we have now and what is possible in the near future this idea of the classroom is not so far fetched.

The article points out the justifications and support for this idea of the future classroom:

  1. Lessons are among the most interesting and efficient in the world.
  2. Millions of dollars are saved in reducing teacher needs and salaries.
  3. Techs will specialize in classroom management.
  4. Performance data will be standardized and immediate.
  5. Equity in public schools will be achieved.

Although I hope that the need for teachers always remains I do believe that this future classroom is possible. Ultimately though I feel that students will always need traditional instruction and guidance to accomplish and learn the content.


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