Extracurricular Empowerment Review


In Scott McLeod’s TED talk Extracurricular Empowerment we are drawn into the video the moment the first words come onto the screen. Cyber bullying and sexting are the basis of the two headlines that flash up before Scott begins to talk. In todays society there are a lot of negatives attached to technology; cyberbullying and sexting being just a few of those negatives. What I really liked about Scott McLeod’s talk was that his focus was on why the use of technology is a good thing for students and he shy’s away from all the negative that comes with blogging and vlogging.


In the video we learn about a young girl from Scotland who starts a blog about what her school provides for lunch. Each day she provides a photo, rates the food, and does a hair count on what was served. After a few weeks she is followed by so many and even gets recognition from some world class chefs. Eventually other students from all over the globe are sending her pictures of their school lunches and she is featured on talk shows. The problem arises after she is on a local news channel and the school board reports that she is no longer allowed to take photos or blog about her food. McLeod goes on to talk about how this was probably the worst course of action the school board could’ve taken. They should have used the fame that this student was creating to find a resolution to the problem of school lunches. Eventually the school board did go this route and changes were made.

This story of the Scottish student demonstrates how the use of technology by these young students is not always a negative one. It also shows that those who aren’t as linked into social media need to be willing to learn and understand the ways of technology and not be so close minded. The video concludes with a group of students who have used technology to become internet sensations; some even earning money for what they have posted. Each short story told shows the viewers that the internet is not all negative and that some children out there are using their education to promote their “internet fame.” I really enjoyed this video talk by Scott McLeod and agree with everything he presented. I think it is really important, especially for the school aged children, to not be reprimanded for their use of technology. This is the day and age of technology and they are the masters and have full creativity when it comes to running their social media sites. Why would we want to make that a negative outlet?



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