I chose HaikuDeck as my educational resource to review for my Computers and Technology course. I had never heard of HaikuDeck until this class and as I am currently learning there are many resources for teachers and students to use to create presentations. HaikuDeck began as an app in 2013, from there it has become a website as well as a downloadable app from any Apple product.

This resource makes it easy for teachers and students to use their creativity to make a presentation. One reviewer was quoted saying HaikuDeck “makes creating beautiful presentations a cinch and a joy, whether you have design skills or not.” HaikuDeck is much simpler than some of the other presentation resources available. It is very basic and easy for anyone to learn. The person creating their deck begins with picking background images and then simply laying brief texts over top. The creators of HaikuDeck made it their mission to help make every aspect of creation as easy as possible. Sometimes finding pictures can be a struggle as we want to avoid copyrights and make sure legally we use the correct pictures or videos. When using HaikuDeck it is simple and quick to find the pictures you are allowed to use. HaikuDeck links all photo searches to a free rights image database and allows you to choose only from pictures you have permission to use.


Other blogs have referred to HaikuDeck as “a painless powerpoint alternative.” Although HaikuDeck lacks audio abilities or transition choices for between slides it is much easier to understand and one won’t waste time trying to get accustomed to the software. HaikuDeck presentations are also easily shared. You have the choice of saving as a PDF or Power Point and can also download your presentation to many social media sites. Creators also have the option to make their deck public, private, or share with only a few people.

After playing around and creating a small presentation on HaikuDeck I would recommend this resource as an alternative to PowerPoint. Easily created and simple, the presentations created using HaikuDeck are great for teachers looking to have visuals during their lessons. Below you can find some of the websites and blogs I used for information on HaikuDeck.


iTunes Store 

Scott Berkun’s Blog 

PC World 


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