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This summer I have decided to follow the Science for All blog. This blog really grabbed my attention because of the helpful tools and resources provided for all levels of science teaching. The purpose of Science for All is to share transitional teaching resources in the hopes to promote advanced thinking about effective science teaching and to promote the idea that learning science is for all kids. The blog is written by Kirk Robbins who began his career in science as a molecular biologist but later realized his love for teaching and has continued to be active in the science education field since.

Science for All is a great blog to follow for so many reasons. There are a few aspects of the blog that really pulled me in and kept me reading. Besides your typical blog posts Robbins posts some fun science music videos. These videos can be used in the classroom to build a connection with the students between things they like, music, and things they may not be as interested in, science. Example of music video.


Another aspect of Science for All that I appreciate is the focus on student talk. Student talk is an important aspect of this blog. Multiple posts are presented that provide information and insight into scaffolding student talk based lessons. This is really important to me because not all students like science so using a scaffolding approach can help target all students’ needs and ensure that everyone understand the content.

The wealth of resources provided on the blog is extremely helpful to not only middle school and high school science teachers but also elementary and general education teachers who may have to incorporate science into their lessons. Almost every post has a link to either another helpful informative website or another educational blog. The community created by Science for All makes it easy to succeed in transitional science teaching. On the blog itself there are helpful resources for professional development modules.

Next Generation Science Standards – Professional Development Modules 

Next Generation Science Standards – K-5

Overall, Science for All is a great blog for those looking to explore and understand transitional methods of teaching science. With a plethora of resources Robbins is up to date on all standards and teaching methods.




One thought on “Science for All – Blog to Follow

  1. Science for All looks like a really resourceful blog for science teachers of all grades! I like how the blogger uses music videos to incorporate lessons with music. I feel like that would be a great way to hook students into the lesson.


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