Debunking Myths About Classroom Technology

As the technological world advances more and more teachers and schools are beginning to include technology in the classroom. Just like any new idea the incorporation of technology in the classroom brings along misconceptions and myths. In her article Five Myths About Classroom Technology (And What To Do Instead) Rebecca Recco describes 5 myths that are… Continue reading Debunking Myths About Classroom Technology

The Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

If You Can Google It, Why Teach It?  In The Atlantic an article, written by Michael Godsey, gives you a teachers view on the advances in technology and the effect they may have on the traditional teacher. Godsey makes a point that in todays schools the teachers role is shifting from “content expert” to “curriculum facilitator.” A… Continue reading The Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Math is The Vocabulary for Your Intuition

Dan Meyer is a highschool math teacher who is pretty much over the use of mathematic textbooks and is looking to give all math classes a makeover. In his TED talk he begins with the 5 symptoms you’re doing math reasoning wrong in your classroom. Lack of Initiative Lack of Perseverance Lack of Retention Aversion… Continue reading Math is The Vocabulary for Your Intuition

Extracurricular Empowerment Review

In Scott McLeod’s TED talk Extracurricular Empowerment we are drawn into the video the moment the first words come onto the screen. Cyber bullying and sexting are the basis of the two headlines that flash up before Scott begins to talk. In todays society there are a lot of negatives attached to technology; cyberbullying and sexting… Continue reading Extracurricular Empowerment Review